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Our Vision

We will enrich the lives of everyone who contributes to the future success of Boshart Industries by creating momentum from a foundation of responsibility, respect and relentless improvement.
Each member of the Boshart Industries Team is an integral part in the continuing success of the company. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are focused on making every Boshart Experience a repeat experience. From a dedicated sales staff, to having the right product at the right place at the right time, to stringent Quality Control procedures, and a customized management system, Boshart continually strives to exceed the customer’s expectation. Committed to excellence – past, present and future.


  1. Vendor Consolidation – extensive product lines for Waterwell, Plumbing, Industrial, etc. markets.

  2. 97% or Higher Fill Rates.

  3. Prompt, Accurate Shipments – carton content labels on each box saving you time and money.

  4. Quality, dependable products built to last – many products designed to Boshart specification allowing us control of wall thickness, threads, mould shift etc. Making us unique as a supplier.

  5. Part Number Cross Reference Program – your part number prints on packing slips, invoices etc.

  6. User friendly Website, Catalogue, and Pricing – Login available giving customers the ability to check stock, track orders, view training videos etc.

  7. Partnership Programs

  8. Order Confirmations/ Advance Ship Notice.

  9. Training/ Tech Support at your location or ours.

  10. No need to order Case/ Carton Quantities (in most cases) – anything less is packaged separately and identified with either a label on box or in bag.

  • A.W.W.D.A.
    Alberta Water Well Drilling Association
  • C.A.P.M.
    Canadian Association of Pump Manufacturers
  • C.G.W.A.
    Canadian Ground Water Association
  • C.I.P.H.
    Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating

  • A.S.A.
    American Supply Association
  • I.A.
    Irrigation Association
  • M.G.W.A.
    Michigan Ground Water Association
  • N.G.W.A.
    National Ground Water Association
  • T.G.W.A.
    Tennessee Ground Water Association
  • W.S.C.
    Water Systems Council


After 60 years in the business, we look to the future with confidence that our experience will give us an advantage in meeting the ever changing demands in the markets we serve.
Company has grown to over 100,000 square feet and 119 employees. We currently have approximately 35 sales manufacturer agencies in North America.
Addition of a new 460 ton Nissei to Injection Moulding.
The Industrial Pitless was launched at NGWA Trade Show in December.
Gary Boshart received the CIPH 40 year award.
The acquisition of Flomatic will only strengthen both companies as we both share the same vision commitment to excellence.
Addition of the 400 ton Engel and 160 ton Engel to Injection Moulding.
A 28 ton Engel and a state of the art 240 ton Engel were purchased for Injection Moulding which runs without added manpower.
Renovations were completed increasing the Injection Moulding area as well as providing a new location for Yard Hydrant assembly.
Also installed was an 80 ton Engel with robot for automated injection moulding procedures.
A 3D Printer was purchased for the Research & Development Department. This allowed us to produce prototypes of new products for testing purposes so improvements can be made before production occurs.
Boshart Industries Inc. celebrated their 50th Anniversary.
Company has grown to over 98,000 square feet and 85 employees. We have approximately 40 sales manufactures agencies in North America.
A 14,000 square foot expansion was made to the warehouse to accommodate growth.
The third floor was renovated, making office space for the Purchasing and Hardware Sales Department. Also included was an onsite production training room where sessions are available to both customers & sales reps to ensure they are kept current on the diverse products offered. Niton Xli 800 Series Alloy Analyzer was purchased for the Quality Control Department. It uses x-ray technology and provides a breakdown of the products alloy composition.
The Injection Moulding building was expanded. The addition of an overhead crane for safe and efficient mould changes was installed.
A 500 ton Nissei Injection Moulding machine was purchased to increase productivity and versatility.
The Warehouse Management system was rewritten and the scanner was replaced with updated models.
The office space doubled to accommodate the additional staff required to keep up with the rapid growth.
A Warehouse Management System was installed, using barcoding and radio frequency scanners to improve the handling and movement of materials.
An addition to the warehouse increased space by 10,000 square feet.
Company name changed from Mel Boshart and Son Ltd. to Boshart Industries Inc.
Boshart once again was in need of a larger location to accommodate their expanding business. The move was made to Milverton, our present location, which presented unlimited possibilities for expansion.
The Seal Well brand name was launched.
With the company now focused on the wholesale business and space limited, a move was made to a larger facility in Wellesley, Ontario.
In response to customers’ requests, Boshart developed a complete line of Well Seals. A Rubber Press was purchased and the moulds were made on site for the rubber gaskets.
The Pump Repair and Installation part of the business were sold to focus on the wholesale business.
Company name changed from Mel Boshart Plumbing to Mel Boshart and Son Ltd.
Mel’s son Gary joined the business, after finishing school.
Supplied Submersible Pumps.
Began to manufacture Well Tiles, which were expensive and hard to find.
Mel Boshart started the business out of his home doing pump installations and repairs for farm and residential use.
The Crosshill warehouse capacity was 2500 square feet.


To pursue sustainable growth as an integral part of the supply chain by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, predicated on service and quality, in order to exceed the expectations of employees, customers and suppliers.