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Our Vision

To be the North American leader in Service and Quality, providing one
stop shopping for all products to move water from the "Ground Up".

A valuable asset in ensuring that the products
meet and exceed your expectations.
At Boshart Industries, our Quality Assurance Program is a big part of our commitment to ensure that our products meet the highest standards demanded in today's marketplace. With our knowledgeable Quality Control department, we are continually developing and upgrading our Q.C. inspection guidelines which are tailor made for each individual supplier.

Boshart industries Inc. has twelve types
of quality checks that are performed!

  • Alloy Analyzing
  • Thread Gauging & Thread Pitch Gauging
  • Solder (Sweat End) Gauging
  • Insert Gauging
  • Dimensional & Weight Measurement
  • Burst Pressure Testing
  • Pressure Testing & Submersion Pressure Tester
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Torque Testing
  • Durometer Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Product Marking & Approval

Alloy Analyzer

The Niton Xli 800 Series Alloy Analyzer weighs about 2lbs and is portable so that the analyzer can go to the product instead of the product coming to the analyzer. The alloy analyzer can be used to provide an element breakdown of brasses, bronzes, stainless steels as well as other metal alloys. The analyzer uses x-ray technology and does not damage or mark the product in any way. An alloy breakdown can be done in less than 15 seconds. The analyzer provides a breakdown of an alloy composition by percent and will also use the information from the analysis to match up with a known alloy type. Information can be read from the display on the unit or saved and downloaded to a computer at the end of the shift. Having the analyzer confirms alloy compositions within seconds, allows a much broader range of product testing and allows an alloy analysis of sample products without damaging the sample.