Many Products...One Source
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Proud member of the following associations:

  • C.I.P.H. - Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating
  • O.W.W.A. - Ontario Water Well Association
  • C.A.P.M. - Canadian Association of Pump Manufacturers
  • A.W.W.D.A. - Alberta Water Well Drilling Association
  • C.G.W.A. - Canadian Ground Water Association

  • W.S.C. - Water Systems Council
  • A.S.A. - American Supply Association
  • N.G.W.A. - National Ground Water Association
  • I.A. - Irrigation Association
  • T.G.W.A. - Tennessee Ground Water Association


To serve our customers by supplying from stock the broadest range of high quality - competitively priced - products that are shipped promptly by product knowledgeable and courteous staff in order to return a profit acceptable to the company owners and provide the employees with a fair income and job opportunities.